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Alienor Hathaway

Kingdom of the East

Alienor joined the Society in A.S. XXXV in the Barony of the Jararvellir (Madison, WI) in Northshield when it was still a Middle Kingdom Principality. She moved to the East and the Shire of Panther Vale in A.S. XLVI. She has a personal interest in how the three Abrahamic faiths interacted with each other.

East Kingdom Wiki page: Alienor Hathaway

Class: Crypto-Jews of the Iberian Peninsula

Ana de Guzmán

Kingdom of the East

Ana de Guzmán is a Castilian lady of the 13th century or the 16th century, depending on the event she is attending. She is more poet than performer, and she loves any time and culture that takes its poets and poetry seriously.

Ana Keveney is currently a bilingual customer service representative for a dental insurance administrator. She is fascinated by the history of the Iberian peninsula, and is glad to talk about the place that looms large in her own heritage.

Class: Pedro el Cruel/Pedro el Justiciero: Es Complicado

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Anna von Osnabruck

Kingdom of the Middle


  1. Ancient Iberia and its role in the Mediterranean world during the Iron Age
  2. The clothing and ornamentation of Iberia during the Iron Age

Ant of St. Cloud

Kingdom of Lochac

Class: A Spotter’s Guide to Iberian Ceramics

Antonio Giordano da Sicilia

Kingdom of the West

Barone Antonio Giordano da Sicilia, O.P./O.L. has taught some thirty classes on various topics of period history, society, philosophy, music and poetry.

Class: La Cantigas de Santa Maria

Beatriz Aluares de la Oya

Kingdom of Atlantia

Magistra Beatriz resides in the Barony of Highland Foorde and has interests in all things Spanish: women’s history, the wool trade, clothing, cooking, death and funerary practices, medieval magick and demonology, and church history. She is the baronial quartermaster and is trying to be a good influence on her two wayward dependents.

Website: Spanish Seamstress


  1. Going (to the) Dutch: Iberian Experiences in the Habsburg Netherlands (with Hugo van Harlo)
  2. Women Without a Man: Widowhood in 13th century Spain

Cameron de Grey

Kingdom of Atlantia

Cameron de Grey is a long-time SCA member with interests in archery, combat archery, leatherworking, science, and music.

Class: Let’s Play a Doumbek

Catany (Martina Hribova)

Class: Women’s Patterns in the Book by Juan de Alcega

Dúgū Jìnán

Kingdom of Northshield

Dúgū Jìnán lives under the rule of the Tuoba emperors in the State of Wei in Northern China, at the turn of 4th and 5th century CE. She manages the household for her husband and serves in the inner quarters of the imperial palace. She is quite skilled in materia medica which includes preparation of fragrances and cosmetics.

Kasia Gromek is a molecular biologist who studies structure and functions of proteins. Historical fragrances and beauty care from across Europe and Asia are her biggest passion, which she shares with others through classes, displays and a blog.


  1. The comprehensive beauty care in 11th century Al-Andalus according to Al-Zahrawi
  2. The perfumery handbook of Al-Zahrawi or how to perfume everyone and everything in 11th century Al-Andalus

Else Hunrvogt

Kingdom of the West

Landgrafin Else Hunrvogt, OP is a 40+ year equestrian who combines her love of horses with her interest in extant horsemanship manuals

Class: Entertainment and Spectacle in Iberian Mounted Tournaments

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Emmerich of Vakkerfjell

Kingdom of the West

Master Emmerich is a poorer Saxon moneyer from post-Hastings York. He took the long road with his kin through the North and eventually found his way to Constantinople, where he and other “English” were given a small plot of land and a new life as Banda Akriti (Border Guards).

James Koffman is a 39-year member of the SCA and runs a small business in Northern California. Alpha Officium produces historically accurate replicas of coins for an array of time periods and lands.

Class: A Quaint Monetary History of the Iberian Peninsula

Epy Pengelly, Armiger

Kingdom of Atlantia

Epy lives in the Barony of Highland Foorde in the Kingdom of Atlantia. You can find them most often with the equestrians, but they also greatly enjoy performing music in ensembles. They are a member of Laydes Fayre choir (since Fall 2019), and like to play in the pit band for dances/balls when able. Currently serving as the Minister of the Lists of Highland Foorde, Epy also tries to stay active as an Equestrian Marshal or Autocrat of an event. Epy likes teaching about cathedral architecture and late medieval literature when able.

Mishee Kearney is a museum professional that specializes in museum lighting and exhibition design.


  1. The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba
  2. Virtual Museum Visit: Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Ghislaine de Rouen

Kingdom of Gleann Abhann

Ghislaine’s love of medieval Spanish music began in her friendship with legendary bard Owain Phyfe who introduced her to the Cantigas de Santa Maria, the Llibre Vermell and the Cantigas d’Amigos. She has been studying and performing them for several years, and developed several classes. She began visiting Spain during her adolescence, and after many years away, returned to Portugal and Spain, including Galicia. She and her husband plan on walking the Camino in 2023, and plan on singing songs along the way!

Class: The OTHER Cantigas: Songs of Love and Friendship in the Female Voice

Gomez de Crecy

Kingdom of Lochac

Gomez de Crecy has been in the SCA for about 15 years and has a strong interest in Spain.

Class: Making 16th c. Spanish Bragas (underwear)

Ilhuicacihuatl de Xochimilco, called Yzma

Kingdom of Atlantia

Ilhuicacihuatl, called Doña Yzma, portrays a 16th century Nahua woman at the time of early European contact. Her primary interests within the Society include gender and sexuality studies, women’s history, cooking, embroidery and archery.

She is the list mom for the unofficial Facebook group, SCA New World Personas (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2723417711036653), a support group for people interested in researching American Native and indigenous cultures. She was brought into the Order of the Coral Branch in Atlantia for her teaching on Central Mexican period culture.

Class: Traitor, Temptress, Mother: Interpretations of Dona Marina and the Fall of the Aztec Empire

Iňigo Díaz de Haro

Kastilie 1312, Czech Republic

Don Inigo is an early 14th century Castilian ambassador to the courts of Europe who enjoys the music of Cantigas de Santa Maria, Llibre vermell and Guillaume de Machaut. His preferred instruments are flute, gittern, tambourine, and voice.

Vit “Hark” Hrachovy has been a swordplay teacher of Italian Renaissance rapier schools of Giacomo di Grassi and Salvator Fabris since 2007. He is an active participant in the Czech living history organization Kastilie 1312, and has published a full-text searchable index of 13th century manuscripts at http://kastilie1312.cz

Class: Waging War in High-Medieval Castile

Isabel Maria del Aguila

Kingdom of Lochac

Mistress Isabel Maria was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in the field of Sartorial Arts. Her primary passion is late 16th Century Spanish gowns of the nobility, and she finds all manner of excuses to wear them (along with all the associated accouterments).


  1. Gowns of the Golden Age
  2. Spanish Women’s Headwear

Jnina al-Qahwajiya

Kingdom of the West

Jnina is a Bedouin woman and part of the Caravansary in the Kingdom of the West.

Janine is a teacher and dancer who specializes in the regional and folkloric dances of the Maghreb and classical al-Andalus. She is co-director of Danse Maghreb.

Class: Classical Court Dance of al-Andalus

Joana de Bairros

Kingdom of Lochac

THL Joana is a Portuguese lady from 1520s Lisbon. She likes food and fashion. Currently she resides in the Barony of Southron Gaard in Lochac. Her website is

Website: Joana de Bairros


  1. Pastéis de leite: The original Portuguese custard tart
  2. The gowns of St Auta Altarpiece

Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez

Kingdom of the West

I’ve been in the SCA since AS XII and a Laurel for cooking (and other things) since AS XIV. I am also a Duchess and a Pelican and a general trouble maker.

Class: Olla Podrida … a full meal in one pot

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Juliana de Luna

Kingdom of An Tir

Doña Juliana de Luna is a sixteenth century Spanish courtier, with a small income derived from her father’s encomienda in Mexico (he was a conquistador). A woman with my small scholarly gifts entertains (or perhaps amuses) people enough to stay at court; for that work, I’ve been given a Laurel and a Pelican and have served as a Society-level Herald (both Laurel and Pelican).


  1. Names and Naming Practice in the Spanish Domains
  2. Names from al-Andalus

Kinehild le librari

Kingdom of the West

Dam Kinehild likes old books and older languages. She once poleaxed a duke with a discussion of weird passive formations in Gothic (it’s all Ulfilas’ fault, I’m sure). She’s read Beowulf in the original Old English and eats peer-reviewed articles for breakfast. It has been said that shouting “research is the battle cry” will summon her in times of direst need.

Class: The Visigothic Kingdoms of Iberia (and France, a bit)

Kiriel du Papillon

Kingdom of Lochac

Mistress Kiriel is a long time passionate medieval and renaissance cook. It started with baking a stuffed loaf for her first event (more than 35 years ago) and she hasn’t really stopped. Her experiences in catering include running Lochac’s first Coronation (450 people) and the Good Food Feast. The strangest dietary consideration she has been asked to cater to was for first Coronation, and was “No raw hedgehog flesh, please”. Kiriel is a member of the Order of the Laurel for cooking.


  1. Three Recipes from Ruperto de Nola (part 1)
  2. Three Recipes from Ruperto de Nola (part 2)

Lianor da Costa

Kingdom of the Outlands

Lady Lianor (Sarah B. Thomas) teaches mathematics at Community College of Aurora and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College, but enjoys cooking and fiber arts in her spare time. Being Portuguese herself, Sarah has a keen interest in the history and lifestyle of the Iberian Peninsula.

Class: The Geometry of the Alhambra

Lianor dos Cavelos

Kingdom of Lochac

I came to the SCA, following my interest in equestrian activities, participating in mounted archery, skill at arms and equestrian performance. With a background in classical dressage, I’m interested in the training and traditions in medieval and renaissance horsemanship as well as clothing, food and culture in late period Iberia.

Class: Horses of Iberia – History and traditions

Manuel Valle Ortiz

I have been researching old fencing manuals and documents from Iberian countries for many years. I have published critical editions of several fencing treatises and also a bibliography of ancient fencing and Destreza de las Armas, also several papers in academic publications and conferences in several national and international events. Currently I directed AGEA editora, an editorial specialised in Iberian historical fencing books.

Class: Iberian Fencing: Destreza and Vulgar

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Memorantia van de Linde

Kingdom of Drachenwald

Magistra Memorantia currently holds the office of Albion Herald in the Kingdom of Drachenwald. She became one of the SCAdian residents of the Barony of Aarnimetsä (Finland) in 2001. She enjoys heraldries, illumination, embroidery, and taming bureaucracy to a fundament on which fun is built.

Class: Introduction to Iberian Heraldry

Rowan Perigrynne

Kingdom of Lochac

Mistress Rowan has been involved in medieval recreation ever since 1980, when she helped found the future Kingdom of Lochac.

I have too many interests (including costume, head-wear, embroidery, scribal arts, cooking, medieval camping…) and keep on finding new things to be excited about! Purses and pouches have been a passion of mine ever since I got interested in the changes in style I was seeing in art, and started to document these by time and country.

Class: Pouches & Purses: Who wore what when?

Rudaba al-Nahdiya

Kingdom of the West

Lady Rudaba first joined the SCA when she saw the dancers of the Barony of Aneala in Lochac. She then moved to Caid and later the West, learning various dances along the way. Since the start of the pandemic, she has been keeping dance alive through teaching and performance. Hostess of the Bardic Showcase from last year’s Colegio de Iberia, she wanted to perform Spagnoletta but was unable to learn it in time. Now having learnt it, she finds it poetic to teach the dance!

Class: Spagnoletta, or What the Italians Thought of Spanish Dance

Rudolf Fekter

Kingdom of Caid

Rudolf Fekter is from the 16th-C. silver mining districts of Saxony, married to Amicia Sennet de Bruges and living in the Kingdom of Caid.

Class: “2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits, a Dollar” : Overview and impacts of silver mining in Colonial Spanish America

Sabine du Hollande

Kingdom of Atlantia

Sabine is a Frenchwoman from Bright Hills with an interest in late period art. She is well-versed in the common art mediums of the day and dabbles in a bit of art history as well. She has traveled on pilgrimage to Spain and taken in the sights and wonders that are Spanish art.

In her mundane life, Sabine has been a practicing artist and project manager in the art world for 15 years. She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a minor in art history.

Class: Iberian Art History

Safiya bint ‘Abd al- Shahid

Kingdom of Lochac

Saffy currently resides in the Peaceful and Mercantile Barony of Saint Florian de la Riviere in the Kingdom of Lochac. Her main area of interest is “all the things”.

Class: Apples of Love: The history of aubergines in Iberia

Saionji no Hana

Kingdom of the West

Saionji no Hana launched her first web page in 2004, after hearing the electronic cries of those who were having trouble finding decent instructions on making Japanese garb. A resident of the Province of the Mists, the birthplace of SCA civilization, she has been a cosmopolitan citizen of the Known World since 1995 and was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in the Kingdom of the West in 2012 for research on the history and culture of pre-17th century Japan.

Class: A Century of Portugal in Japan

Séamus the Shameless

Kingdom of the West

Seamus the Shameless enjoys teaching the basics of Arabic language, helping people to understand Middle Eastern and Islamic cultures from both a historical and modern lens and plays Middle Eastern Percussion. James was Apprentice to the esteemed, late Master Rashid, Laurel of Middle Eastern Percussion.

James Smith has been a member of the SCA since Jr. High. James served as a Linguist in the Marines and later served as a Contract Cultural Consultant/Linguist in Iraq. James has lived in Iraq for 3 years of his life. He earned a BA in International Relations and History (with Honors and 6 Minors) from California State University, Chico; earned a MA in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey. He maintains fluency in both Spanish and Arabic and explores languages, linguistics, history, cultures, and many other subjects.

Class: The Convergence of Two Worlds – Arabic Influences on the Spanish Language

blue and white geometric Moorish tile

Sǫlveig Þrándardóttir

Kingdom of AEthelmearc

I first learned of the Society ca 1970 when the King & Queen of the East appeared on “To Tell the Truth” — A Goodson-Todman Production. Many years later, I managed to attend my first event in AS XI in the far lands of Carolingia. Around 1990 while minding my own business at the University of Maryland East Asian Library a distinguished elderly gentleman passed by several times, and eventually presented me with a brochure for the Association for Asian Studies, which despite my better judgement I eventually joined. Being a heraldic groupie, I have since written a pamphlet about Japanese Onomastics. Currently, I am working on a minor work about premodern Japanese gastronomy. I hope to someday write introductory guides for: Improvisational Japanese Comic Theatre, Japanese Poetry, and Premodern Japanese heraldry.

Class: Iberian Influences on Japanese Cookery

Suphunibal bat Abdeshmun bn Bodmilqart bn Arish

Kingdom of Atlantia

Aelia Suphunibal (among the Romans) is a jewelry merchant from the oppidum liberum of Leptiminus. She is, at other times, a Carthaginian, contemporary to the Athenian invasion of Sicily. Time periods represented expand alongside my work on the subject.

Rachel Rogers-Rodgers is an independent researcher with a focus on central and western Mediterranean Phoenician-Punic history and culture. https://wakelet.com/@Suphunibal

Class: Gadir to New Carthage: Phoenicians in Spain

Teuctli Tenochcacuicatl Delmar (Lord Tenoch)

Kingdom of Ansteorra

Teuctli Tenochcacuicatl Delmar (Lord Tenoch) hails from the Barony of Stargate in the Kingdom of Ansteorra where he serves as the current Premier Bard of Ansteorra. His persona is a Part-Mexica, Part-Spanish traveler and is based on his own experiences as a Latino of generationally mixed descent on both sides of his family. Within the SCA, his primary interests include Mesoamerican and “New World” A&S studies (with a special focus on the Aztec Empire), DEI education efforts and initiatives, musician and performer health and disability awareness, and bardic and musical activities from anywhere in the Known World.

Class: 16th Century Music in the New World: A Blending of Worlds

Tommaso Franceschi

Kingdom of the Middle

Signore Tommaso was “offered” a position in a proactive riparian, coastal, and maritime salvage concern, where he learned how to turn story and song into meat and drink. He’s been studying the Renaissance Four-Course Guitar music of Alonso Mudarra for several years now. He is apprenticed to Dame Estelle de la Mer.

Mundanely, Charles is an embedded systems engineer in Aviation, which is even nerdier than it sounds. He’s a part-time professional musician, singing with Chamber Choir Grand Rapids, and has served as organist and choir director. He plays keyboards, hand percussion, and fretted strings. He’s been studying the Renaissance four-course guitar music of Alonso Mudarra for several years now.

Class: My Ukulele is a Guitar

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