Event Schedule

Event Location

Link to Zoom meeting: https://zoom.us/j/91738134410

Zoom access number: 917 3813 4410

Attendee Notes

For your optimal viewing experience, please update to the latest version of Zoom. We recommend that you update your version of Zoom as close as possible to the event.

All participants will have their video and mics turned off in the class rooms.

Breakout rooms cannot be spotlighted so participants will need to pin the teacher (and the ASL translator) for optimum viewing.

The Silent Emissaries have offered to provide ASL translators for classes, where possible. If you need a translator, please contact cynagua_accessibility_support@westkingdom.org and let them know which class, and what time (PDT) that you need them to provide services. (Priority will be given to classes not recorded)

Smartphone users: Please scroll down to see both classroom schedules in responsive layout.

Note about times: Colegio de Iberia features classes delivered by instructors across the Known World. In some cases, those classes may not occur during your waking hours. Many classes will be recorded and posted to the SCA Iberia YouTube channel after the event.

The times listed on the calendars below is Pacific Daylight Time; all times should convert to your local time zone once you have exported them to your own calendar.

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