Free/Inexpensive/Open Source Public Databases

  • Asociacion Hispánica de la Literatura Medieval (AHLM) – The AHLM promotes and supports the study of Medieval Studies in the Iberian Peninsula. It also provides access to various journals.
  • Biblioteca Virtual del Patrimonio Bibliográfico – Provides access to the digital facsimiles of hundreds of manuscript collections and and rare books from Spain.
  • Centro Virtual Cervantes – The CV is a site dedicated to the circulation of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.
  • Clarisel – Clarisel is a portal for three bibliographic databases on medieval chivalric and 16th century literature.
    • Amadis – chivalric works from the Middle Ages to the 17th century
    • Heredia – medieval to 16th century Aragonese literature
    • Sendebar – medieval Hispanic literature and relevant folk tales
  • DialNet – A virtual library of Spanish academic journals, hosted by the Universidad de la Rioja in Spain. Primarily a bibliographic index with tables of contents, it covers more than 5,000 journals and 2.1 million documents.
  • Hispanomedievalismo – A database dedicated to Medieval Spanish Literature. It provides links to journals, bibliographies, and various other resources for students.
  • PARNASEO – For online journals and databases, such as full-text online access to LEMIR (Revista de Literatura Española Medieval y del Renacimiento).
  • Portal de Archivos Españoles (PARES) – A project from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports dedicated to the circulation of the Patrimonio Histórico Documental Español. The site allows you to find the location of manuscripts, texts, and other resources that are available online or in archives.
  • Spain : Then and Now
General Medieval & Renaissance
  • Feminae : Medieval Women and Gender Index – Indexes journal articles, book reviews, and essays about women, sexuality and gender in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, from 450 C.E. to 1500 C.E., with citations for Russia extended to 1613.

Subscription Academic Databases

Note: The following resources are subscription-based databases and are not available to the general public. However, your local university or public library may have access to these resources, or you may be able to receive materials from these databases via InterLibrary Loan.

  • Digitalia (Stanford) – Journal articles on humanities and social sciences from Spain and Latin America.
  • Iberian Studies Web (Princeton) – The Iberian Studies Web is designed to provide access to scholarly resources in Iberian Studies (for Spain, Portugal and Andorra).
  • International Medieval Bibliography Online – Indexes articles on medieval subjects in journals, Festschriften, conference proceedings, and collected essays. Covers all aspects of medieval studies within the period 450 to 1500 for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Citations classified by date, subject and location.
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